December 2017

IT as a service is like water from the tap



Some years ago, we helped one of our clients migrate their on-premise servers to a central data center. They have offices in The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK and had centralized most of their servers in Amsterdam. As these servers, which are owned by them, were reaching the end of their life cycle, they were faced with the choice to either reinvest or outsource.

This choice is not easily made. The decision to outsource your IT automatically means opting for IT as a service. But what exactly does that imply?

IT as a service is flexible

First of all, IT as a service comes with predictable costs and pay-per-use. This is particularly interesting for companies that are subject to change and either grow or shrink in the long term. Buying server capacity is difficult in such cases, after all: how much will you need?

IT as a service is flexible: you “lease” capacity and when you need more or less capacity, you simply call your supplier and you’re done. In this way, you don’t pay for idle servers while leaving business continuity unaffected due to overloaded servers and precious time needed to buy new ones.

‘As a service’ solutions to choose from

With IT ‘as a service’ you only purchase what you really need. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) are just some of the options. Below we have listed the most common possibilities:

DaaS Desktop as a Service We supply everything that is IT related ranging from licenses to computers fitted with software. You are completely unburdened.
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service We supply the infrastructure, you take care of the servers and maintenance.
SaaS Software as a Service We don’t supply this service ourselves but facilitate our partners through PaaS.
PaaS Platform as a Service We provide our partners with a platform enabling them to offer you Software as a Service.
DraaS Disaster Recovery as a Service We take care of server recovery if something goes wrong.

IT as a service is quite like water from the tap: you call your supplier and tell them how much you need. For this, you pay a fixed monthly amount.