December 2017

Optimum data storage and performance of your company


Years ago, companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix already came to the conclusion that
the traditional three-tier data center architecture was inadequate to meet the need for a
flexible, scalable, reliable and high-performance data center infrastructure. If your IT room is
still filled with cabinets packed with servers and data storage, it is time for change.
The traditional SAN with CPU power and storage is also referred to as “the big box with hard
disks”. However, something new called a hyper-converged infrastructure has come our way.
This is an infrastructure that combines server and storage devices in just one device. At the
same time, this is the server and storage that are managed by Natunix. This solution offers
you the benefit of optimum storage and performance of your company with slow disks being
replaced by small but fast SSD’s.

All-in- one

At Provide, we have embraced this solution too. As a matter of fact, our entire cloud
environment runs on Natunix including the managed services we offer our clients. All former
servers have now been compiled into just one node providing for an infinitely flexible
environment as you can simply add nodes according to the need for resources. In other words:
enhanced horizontal scalability. Rather different from the former IT room stacked with
servers and storage devices, wouldn’t you say?

Three-step migration

The Natunix solution can be interesting for you too, for instance in case you no longer want
local servers. Moreover, is saves costs. Purchasing the solution as a service liberates you from
the need to make large investments in hardware. We not only offer these services but guide
our clients through the whole migration process:

  • Step 1: Mapping the environment
    If you want to migrate to another data center using the Natunix solution, we start by
    determining what particular hardware and software are in use within your
  • Step 2: Drafting the migration plan
    At this stage we consider the possibilities to carry out the migration with as much
    flexibility as possible and with the least possible downtime. After all, it is not our goal
    to migrate to the data center but to optimize the performance of your environment.
  • Step 3: Migrating the systems
    A team of system administrators, consultants and other professionals carries out the
    migration using Veeam. This software enables us to conduct the migration without
    delay. In some cases it is even possible to perform a live migration.