December 2017

Provide breathes new life into BEAS

At the age of seventeen, I was the youngest certified Cobol programmer ever. Little did I know what was in store for me. After starting my career in the insurance industry I have fulfilled just about every possible IT job. I joined Provide in 1999 and meanwhile I have found my true passion: somewhere between co-insurance and our software product BEAS.

Thoroughly renewed

Years ago, Siemens hired me for an assignment with regard to BEAS software for which a specialized programming language called Adabas Natural was used. For many years, I took care of managing and maintaining the software more or less on my own which constituted a risk for Siemens. As Provide saw potential in BEAS, they bought it from Siemens in 2010. I insisted on thoroughly renewing the software and building it on a new platform in .NET/Oracle. Since then, BEAS offers co-insurers and authorized agents an up-to-date back-office system for the execution of their policy and claims management administration.  

Special milestone

Initially, BEAS was used by two co-insurers which tasted like more. After moving management and maintenance of BEAS to our location in Spain in 2013, the number of users has grown substantially. Insurance group Generali was one of them and they didn’t choose BEAS overnight. After jointly analyzing and developing the software for a year to meet their needs, BEAS was finally implemented. This was a special milestone for us! The fact that people at Generali openly admit that we know exactly what is going on in the market and that absolutely everything has been catered for, including a connection with the electronic insurance platform e-ABS and the latest supervisory regulations, fills us with a sense of pride!


All these years of working in this specialist market has provided us with so much knowledge that we can now truly distinguish ourselves with Provide Tailored Services. The enthusiasm and passion our team displays is unmistakably to the benefit of our customers. By rebuilding BEAS we now have a complete team that has all the knowledge it takes. As a result, we not only offer a modern platform but the associated knowhow as well. With the same drive and customer focus, we also develop, maintain and support customized software for other industries, such as knowledge-intensive applications for medical practitioners and business-critical backoffice systems. We have taken the lead by successfully specializing in the development of apps and the associated system integration soon after the introduction of smartphones and tablets. Obviously, we will not relinquish that advance!

Cerilla de Heer
Business Development Manager